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wanted to thank everyone for coming out to the Juice TST opening last week, here are some interesting photos that i captured from the event, please enjoy! some interior shots! special shout outs to winnie for helping us realize this dream thanks so much for coming out you guys!!!! address is Juice TST Tsim Sha Tsui Minden Row # 2  


ok, sorry for the slow updates, the past few days have been so hectic for me, with the typhoon, the crazy weekend out in big wave west bay to typhoon 10 now, really just been battling the weather and trying to handle the daily grind at the same time. so without further hesitation i wanted to share with you the wonderful karen walker candy bar event we had last friday at the liger store, the concept was simple, karen walker wanted to create  a travelling pop up situation which was titled the candy bar, so they created a crate that would be travelling around the world, to sell for 1 month the special edition eyewear in very selected boutique situations. LIGER CREW HO KAR LAI  (ACTRESS)  AND DOROTHY HUI (LIGER) – MORE PHOTOS ON HER BLOG BOBO LEUNG (MODEL) & MAY MAY JUDY IP (BLOGGER) JUMPING JUMPING HOTTIE JUSTINE LEE (LANE CRAWFORD) JOHANNA HO (DESIGNER)  CUTE COUPLE THE CREW HELEN TO (TV PERSONALITY)  FLORANCE YIP (FENDI) AND BEN LEE (CELEBRITY HAIRSTYLIST) YES! CHRISTING C (SHOWROOM OWNER …