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the other night, we were asked to help host Carrera Eyewear and Blitz (Lane Crawford TST) launch their new pop up store called the “15 seconds of frame” Carrera being a very much heritage brand, opened their archives to showcase their classic eyewear pieces + the modern take on it. The Blitz space was literally on fire that night, with friends & family coming from all over HK to Kowloon to celebrate. here is Kim Kollar & Lindsay Jang the place was packed like never before. Cinddidy, Lindsay and Vincent here’s Fed Tan AKA the Major and myself Phat, KSone, Ting, and Kit Janice Man rocking out the girls, lindsay, miss amy, bobo, juju, may, and hilary more girls. @ jamcast Kathy Chow, Hilary, and Johanna Ho until next time!


This wednesday is going to be another reason to celebrate, The iconic eyewear brand Carrea is going to be doing a private gathering for friends & family for to showcase their newest collection and for the first time in Hong Kong opening their archive to showcase all the vintage and rare styles from their library. the event is located at BLITZ space in LANE CRAWFORD CANTON ROAD…. and with a monster list of cool people wearing Carrera you definitely should check out the archives and bring it back, Rihanna, Kanye West, Brad Pitt, Alicia Keys, they all got swag. its going to be interesting…. !!! see you guys wednesday… HK should be keeping it trill with their list of cool cats.