its late, and its raining, listening to the radio on the way home, who do you think of first, is it that person that just texted you, or the one that never does? speeding up the car smells like old mildew, how many nights are spent in dreaming, mind wandering, welcome to hell, tick tock, times up, you get out, u walk up, take a swig, light one up, a moment passes, you die another minute, everything becomes blurry, you put your head down, out of body, out of mind, out of sight, out of sound… it all is the same… u get close, you move apart,,,,,is it true only god forgives? what about me? i forgive or forget all the time, you give in, you move on, the phone rings, who could it be, oh you again,,,,, who do you love? are you for sure? u wake up…. just to go back to bed,,,,,, make a run for it, u out of breath, drink some water, pump it up, pour it up, take it down. initials on the bed sheets, make it mean something, whos writing this………………..ME