honestly, its been a dream of mine, to open a shop that is really against all the rules. and on the 10th anniversary of CLOT i was able to check one box off. its really awesome to see all the people that have supported us, pushed us, hated us, loved us, all throughout this journey, after all whats important isn’t the end goal, its about the path, and i gotta say, i enjoyed every moment of it. so without further ranting, i wanted to share with you a glimpse of my last weekend, which i am still suffering from.


located on Tai Ping Shan Street, in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong !

love the bubble C L O T flying in the sky!

ice cream sandwiches courtesy of “elephant grounds coffee”

always good to see these dudes! edc, and sam!

Misha (Pam) KB in the mix!


Josie Ho!

the BAND!

really awesome cafe in the area, “OLDISH” go check it out!

Thanks Norman! for hosting us!

thanks everyone for an amazing dream come true and a great night!!!! 😀