Month: June 2012

The Little Black Jacket

Chanel has always been a brand that I have much respect and adoration for, for a few reasons, A) all the girls that i know love Chanel, B) their storefronts are always top notch, and they always do innovative and cool campaigns, C) Karl Lagerfeld is really amazing. I remember a few years ago, Chanel had their mobile art exhibition by Zaha Hadid in Hong Kong years back, and it was this amazing structure built on top of the parking lot outside the star ferry, which was mind blowing. This time, Chanel has introduced The Little Black Jacket, An interpretation by Karl Lagerfeld photographs of celebrities and various personalities wearing the CHANEL jacket is coming to Hong Kong. People that were shot in this campaign are the likes of Kanye West, Kirstin Dunst, Tang Wei, Sarah Jessica Parker, Yoko Ono, and more. check out the video here, the exhibition will have a kick off on Friday July 6th from 7-10PM @ The Space on 210 Hollywood Road. For more information check out…..    

Flashback Thursday Early

Yesterday I spent almost all day cleaning up the office, i am trying to build a photography studio, which i hope you will see unravel here as well as a DJ studio, so what started off as a really excruciating thing to do became quite interesting because it was a quick flash down memory lane scrummaging thru the magazines, i decided to do my own review of my most favorite touch covers of all times, here is CLOT SALVATION ARMY from 2008 i believe. here is the touch cover for 2007 when we first started selling “Head Porter” at the store. Yumiko for Clot Fantasy on Touch Cover Anjay for Clot on Touch and Kaws Vs. Shu Qi for Touch Magazine! okay, the photography room is clean now, got to get some lights and some hanging racks for the backdrop, hope we can do some portraits out of the room soon !  

Infinity & Tao

Richy Z, is a friend that i have recently met thru one of my friends at the IFC, and happens to be my neighbor in the same loft space that i work out of, its amazing to meet someone as energetic and as passionate as he is about his craft and is definitely much wiser than me. Richard is a 65 year old man, that is a practicing QiGong artist, which is according to wikipedia, literally “Life Energy Cultivation”) is a practice of aligning breath, movement, and awareness for exercise, healing, and meditation, some people can also make it for added strength. here is a video of Richy z on youtube, (if you’re ADD like me fast forward to the 1:30 second mark for the action) Richy’s philosophy is this never ending energy flow, and these amazing sculptures and toys. Richy Z’s first solo show, is happening at the IFC on July 22nd, and should be an action packed one. Go check it out if you are in the area and feel the energy of the …

building blocks

in my previous life, i have had several blogs, starting with clot blog, then that died and i got discouraged and lost everything, then it was hypebeast blogs, that got shut down, and then it was tumblr, but people in china can’t read it, so i have decided to start a very simple wordpress blog, i am excited to see how great i can make it, please feel free to leave a comment to cheer me on as i embark on this journey. i wanted to share these amazing photos i took the other day driving by the city i call home. enjoy! have a good night !